Welcome to our web site. The Greater Manchester Club has been part of the world-wide Friendship Force organisation for over 35 years. During this time our members have travelled to numerous towns and cities around the globe, making countless friends along the way.


We have hosted visitors from North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, the Far East and the Antipodes. We have shown them how we live and what life is like in our city and its surroundings.


We’ve enjoyed tea in Japan, coffee in Colombia, tacos in Texas and soup in Slovakia. Our style of travelling takes us right into people’s homes to experience the real culture of a destination as well as its tourist sights. Our new friends are our tour-guides and their club will have arranged lots of things to see and do.

Want to see more of a place? Why not tag an extra few days onto your trip now that you’ve immersed yourself in the culture?

The Friendship Force will also bring the world and its many cultures direct to your doorstep. There are hundreds of clubs in dozens of countries Dust off your local guide book and get ready to show your new friends around your town.