Outgoing Travel

October, 2018 Metropole Ruhr Germany

Even if you have been to Germany before this is a chance to stay with families and see how The Ruhr has changed from the industrial place you may have imagined. - This journey is now fully booked.

February, 2019 West Alajuela Costa Rica and Nor Peru


Last Few Journeys
May 4th - 17th Turkey.   We had one week home hosted in Cancaya (Ankara) and  a coach/hotel tour including Cappadocia and Konya plus a beach resort as optional extras. See Friendship Force Facebook  for photos
 USA - Cheyenne, Wyoming and Olympia, Washington. Unfortunately there was not enough support for this so it has been cancelled.


New Zealand - Whangarei and Thames Coromandel. 2 weeks home hosted .  We stopped enroute in Singapore and also added on a tour of South Island .  Extra time was added for some of the group to see friends or explore further.